Kansas Legislature Broke a Lot of Promises

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Last September I made a very safe prediction for the 2017 session of the Kansas Legislature – “Regardless of who is elected to the 2017 Legislature, January will bring turmoil and major disappointment for many Kansans.”  Like I said, a pretty safe bet…but the rationale ruffled a few feathers.  “Many candidates and special interests say Kansas needs to spend a … Read More

Media’s hypocritical tizzy over fake news

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Fake news stories on the presidential election outperformed real news on Facebook according to a story recently published by online news site BuzzFeed and mainstream media, including CBS News, jumped all over it.  Even President Obama chimed in, saying that fake news “threatens democracy;” apparently saying “you can keep your doctor if you want” doesn’t count as ‘fake news.’  The Washington … Read More

Governing isn’t about granting wishes

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government wish list

Many parents will soon be faced with the annual Christmas wish list dilemma – deciding how much of their kids’ list they can afford without inflicting economic turmoil on the family. A lot of new legislators will face the same challenge come January, as granting everything on the vote-for-me list would require enormous tax increases on individuals, which in turn … Read More

KDOT Spending Higher in 2015 and 2016 than in Prior Years

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Media and special interest groups representing contractors have been sounding a steady drumbeat decrying decreased highway funding in Kansas, but the FY 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) shows spending on transportation projects in 2015 and 2016 was the highest over the last ten years. Excluding debt service and administration, spending was $1.105 … Read More

Media and highway contractors mislead again

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Here’s another case of media letting its political views interfere with responsible journalism.  In keeping with many other media distortions about construction jobs this year, the Eagle editorial board today declared “Highway fund raids affecting jobs” citing data provided to them by Associated General Contractors showing that Kansas lost more construction jobs than any other state in July.  AGC members … Read More