• A Kansas Budget for Economic Growth & COVID Protection

    A Kansas Budget for Economic Growth & COVID Protection0

    Kansas government is at a crossroads. One path leads to economic malaise, and an ever-increasing budget financed on the backs of those living paycheck to paycheck. Another path leads to a self-sustaining economy, where every tax dollar spent is knowingly tied to a public benefit. As Kansas lawmakers await and consider Governor Laura Kelly’s tax

  • County Budgets Review: Bringing Savings to Families

    County Budgets Review: Bringing Savings to Families0

    It is an undeniable truth that Kansas has far too much government for a state of its population and economic size. Kansas’s ranking as the 2nd highest share of local government workers per capita means too many family resources are devoted to maintaining bloated public sector budgets. Therefore, we created a tool for Kansans to

  • Solving the Kansas Budget Crisis

    Solving the Kansas Budget Crisis0

    Simply removing the Governor’s proposal won’t solve the state budget. Policymakers must find a way to reduce spending by roughly $518 million over four years. We’ve written previously on the Kansas budget debate with a clear-eyed look at the impact of different proposals. The key moving forward is to close the gap remaining in the

  • Here We Go Again: Deficit Spending Could Lead To Billion Dollar Tax Hike

    Here We Go Again: Deficit Spending Could Lead To Billion Dollar Tax Hike0

    Updated estimates from the Kansas Legislative Research Department (KLRD) show Kansans could be on the hook. This time for a massive $1.1 billion tax increase over the next four years. This tax increase does not include the $600 million tax increase approved by the state legislature this past session. This year, the state’s revenue estimate

  • 2019 Legislator’s Budget Guide

    2019 Legislator’s Budget Guide0

    You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy. President Ronald Reagan President Reagan understood the best way government can help people is by providing better service at an affordable cost to the taxpayer. Nearly 30 years later, the Kansas Policy Institute found Kansans still hold

  • Politicians are ignoring a $3.7 billion revenue shortfall0

    “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”  —  Thomas Sowell Media and politicians were notified more than a month ago that the massive school funding increase has created a $3.7