• 2020 Kansas Freedom Index

    2020 Kansas Freedom Index0

    The 2020 legislative session was unique in many ways and our 2020 Kansas Freedom Index adds some new wrinkles as well. Over 70 legislators scored above 86% and one – for the first time ever – had a full-session score of 100%. The impact of the Freedom Index is evident not just in scores; legislators

  • Record-setting levels of Freedom in Kansas Legislature

    Record-setting levels of Freedom in Kansas Legislature0

    The results of our 2019 Kansas Freedom Index show freedom in Kansas is on the march…at least in the Kansas Legislature. The 2019 Kansas Freedom Index set records for high scores with 52 legislators scoring at least 86%. That’s good news. The results also confirmed what we’ve known for years – party identification has very

  • 2017 Kansas Freedom Index

    2017 Kansas Freedom Index0

    An informed citizenry is an essential element of maintaining a free society. Having a deeper understanding of how legislation impacts education freedom, economic freedom and the constitutional principles of individual liberty and limited government allows citizens to better understand the known and often unknown consequences of legislative issues. The Freedom Index is a continuation of

  • Legislature moves away from freedom in 2017 session

    Legislature moves away from freedom in 2017 session0

    The 2017 legislative session was noteworthy both for its length and for the relative opposition to economic and educational freedom in the 2017 session, according to KPI’s annual Kansas Freedom Index. Taken as a whole, the legislature moved away from freedom and the principles of liberty in the just-completed session when compared to returns since

  • Freedom Index: Political Division is Citizens vs. Government, Not Party Lines

    Freedom Index: Political Division is Citizens vs. Government, Not Party Lines0

    The Freedom Index published by Kansas Policy Institute has repeatedly shown the legislative political division to not be about Democrats and Republicans but about legislators’ view of the role of government, and the above June 2 update of 2017 Freedom Index certainly bears that out.  With a score of 50 percent being considered neutral, there are

  • State think tanks lead the fight for freedom0

    Anyone wondering whether the Washington swamp can be drained need only look to some amazing accomplishments in the states for encouragement, where state think tanks are leading the fight for freedom.  Michigan, with a long-standing tradition of forced union membership, became a right-to-work state in 2013 after decades of efforts led by Mackinac Center for