• Will Long-Term Kansas Tax Relief Please Stand Up?

    Will Long-Term Kansas Tax Relief Please Stand Up?0

    This past week was “veto week” in the Kansas Legislature: the time to “make it or break it” for the dozens of different proposals that have floated this legislative session. While some tax relief is already on the way, legislators have until the end of May to provide more. The most-talked-about policy this year was

  • A Responsible Kansas Budget

    A Responsible Kansas Budget0

    The state of Kansas has experienced what are arguably excessive monthly tax collections over the past year. Last month alone exceeded expectations by 7.8%. This comes as a backdrop for the upcoming legislative session where ideas such as eliminating the sales tax on food and offering a $250 tax rebate have been pitched by Governor

  • Solutions to Kansas’ High Property Taxes

    Solutions to Kansas’ High Property Taxes0

    When you think of some of the highest taxes in the country, you don’t immediately think of Iola, Kansas. But, you should. According to the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy’s research – highlighted in Kansas Policy Institute’s 2021 Green Book – a city the size of Iola had some of the highest effective tax rates