• Lawmakers can serve Kansans without Medicaid Expansion

    Lawmakers can serve Kansans without Medicaid Expansion0

    With Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle vowing the Kansas Senate will not take up Medicaid Expansion until the life amendment is on the ballot, some have claimed up to 150,000 Kansans could be at risk. However, research says that’s not true. All 150,000 Kansans can immediately get the services they need. Medicaid Expansion isn’t required.

  • Gov. Kelly’s 2020 budget: Five things you should know

    Gov. Kelly’s 2020 budget: Five things you should know0

    Governor Kelly had an opportunity to exhibit fiscal restraint when presenting her budget last week. With state tax revenues coming in higher than expected – partly because of recent record tax hikes – the Kelly Administration missed a chance to build a structurally-balanced budget. Instead, this budget breaks a new record in spending for the

  • Latest Medicaid expansion plan riddled with red flags & a “scam.”

    Latest Medicaid expansion plan riddled with red flags & a “scam.”0

    The latest Medicaid expansion plan has too many red flags without even getting to the program itself. Like other states, Kansas is unlikely to have the federal government approve the partial expansion. Yet if approved, it risks the solvency of national Medicaid, encourages tobacco smuggling and worsens the state budget. Policymakers should heed these signs and

  • Solving the Kansas Budget Crisis

    Solving the Kansas Budget Crisis0

    Simply removing the Governor’s proposal won’t solve the state budget. Policymakers must find a way to reduce spending by roughly $518 million over four years. We’ve written previously on the Kansas budget debate with a clear-eyed look at the impact of different proposals. The key moving forward is to close the gap remaining in the

  • Medicaid Expansion Attracts Tax & Spend Philosophy

    Medicaid Expansion Attracts Tax & Spend Philosophy0

    Many of the views on Medicaid expansion are built on campaign promises instead of sound data and sound solutions. A common belief is that Medicaid expansion returns federal tax dollars. In reality, it returns higher tax rates and fiscal deficits. This analysis is part of the Sandlian Center for Entrepreneurial Government’s “Myth Vs Fact: A

  • 2019 Legislator’s Budget Guide

    2019 Legislator’s Budget Guide0

    You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy. President Ronald Reagan President Reagan understood the best way government can help people is by providing better service at an affordable cost to the taxpayer. Nearly 30 years later, the Kansas Policy Institute found Kansans still hold