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  • Candidate briefings offer information for politicians & citizens

    Candidate briefings offer information for politicians & citizens0

    REGISTER FOR OVERLAND PARK POLICY BRIEFING  REGISTER FOR WICHITA POLICY BRIEFING There is a good chance you’ll find your front door busier in the next several weeks and months as politicians start knocking on doors. Never mind, the yard signs, radio, TV, and online ads we’ll be seeing…all part of the Americana version of electoral

  • 2020 K-12 Fact Book

    2020 K-12 Fact Book0

    Aside from ACT scores, all data in this Fact Book come from official government sources, including local school districts, the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE), and the U.S. Department of Education. All data are the most current available and, unless otherwise noted, span through the 2018-2019 academic year. Additional information (including annual historical data) forREAD MORE
  • Post-COVID Recovery Plan

    Post-COVID Recovery Plan0

    As the “peak” of the COVID-19 crisis nears, and passes, it will be increasingly important to look to what comes next. To look at how and when Kansans get back to work, how students are educated, and how state and local governments should respond. The plan outlined below represents a series of ideas – some

  • It depends on what you choose to see

    It depends on what you choose to see0

    Human action has been laid bare as society and individuals grapple with COVID-19 and adjust to a new reality, short though it hopefully may be. It simply depends on what we choose to see in our daily interactions or in observing our elected officials. A weekend trip to the grocery store shows nearly abusive behavior