• Kansans Can – hardly an “ambitious overhaul of Kansas schools”

    Kansans Can – hardly an “ambitious overhaul of Kansas schools”0

    The Kansas City Star published an article entitled “High grad rates, flat test scores: Is an ambitious overhaul of Kansas schools working?” In the piece the authors claim that KSDE’s signature initiative, Kansans Can– now five years into implementation – is “transforming education across the state.” Is Kansans Can really “transforming” Kansas schools? No. The

  • KSDE’s Kansans Can awards are mostly participation ribbons

    KSDE’s Kansans Can awards are mostly participation ribbons0

    For the past several decades, schools have been (accurately) accused and rightfully chastised for practicing an “everybody wins!” approach to any kind of competition and academic achievement. At the very least, all “competitors” receive participation ribbons, as an indicator that, indeed, everybody wins. The 2020 Kansans Can awards, announced at the August state board meeting

  • 2021 Public Education Factbook

    2021 Public Education Factbook0

    Aside from ACT scores, all data in this Fact Book come from official government sources, including local school districts, the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE), and the U.S. Department of Education. All data are the most current available and, unless otherwise noted, span through the 2019-20 academic year. Additional information (including annual historical data) for

  • 2021 Legislator Briefing Book

    2021 Legislator Briefing Book0

    The 2021 version of our Legislator Briefing Book is a quick-reference guide that provides background and perspective on state spending, taxes, education, and general economic conditions. The charts and tables in each section are updated periodically and are available for download in our Tax and Spending media library and the Education media library. KPI 2021READ MORE
  • Candidate briefings offer information for politicians & citizens

    Candidate briefings offer information for politicians & citizens0

    REGISTER FOR OVERLAND PARK POLICY BRIEFING  REGISTER FOR WICHITA POLICY BRIEFING There is a good chance you’ll find your front door busier in the next several weeks and months as politicians start knocking on doors. Never mind, the yard signs, radio, TV, and online ads we’ll be seeing…all part of the Americana version of electoral

  • Low-income students in private schools shine

    Low-income students in private schools shine0

    As we celebrate the tenth annual National School Choice Week, it is once more time to show how most private schools outperform their public school counterparts in getting low-income students college and/or career ready. Yet again in 2019, a much higher percentage of students attending parochial schools in Kansas urban areas scored more college/career ready