Kansans Reject Supreme Court School Control

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Legislators are facing a political dilemma when they return to Topeka in January.  They must either represent the will of the people who elected them or they must firmly reject Supreme Court school control. Supreme Court control of schools seen via a court demand of nearly $1 billion more in school funding. As we wrote recently, the court pretty clearly … Read More

A reminder of workplace freedom – National Employee Freedom Week

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National Employee Freedom Week is a great time to reflect upon how fortunate Kansans are to have workplace freedom in a right-to-work state, one in which individuals are given the choice as to whether or not to join a union. As a former public school teacher in Kansas, I worked in an environment with significant union influence. The National Education … Read More

“The Wrong Stuff”- new school redesign project should be “deep spaced”

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You have to hand it to Education Commissioner Randy Watson, he knows how to get people excited about something. His latest promotional venture is called the Kansans Can School Redesign project and the first seven school districts selected to participate were named at the August state board meeting. Why seven? Because Commissioner Watson is making the redesign project analogous to … Read More

The new school funding formula (SB 19) ensures another lawsuit

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More than a decade ago the Kansas Supreme Court took the unprecedented step of injecting itself into the legislative process, ordering the Legislature to cough up an additional $853 million per year to fund K-12 education in its landmark Montoy decision. The Legislature caved, allowing the Court to usurp the constitutional authority of the power of the purse from that … Read More

New school finance law will do nothing to improve outcomes of at-risk students

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The Legislature blew it. Given a golden opportunity to give serious attention to the issue of low performance and the huge achievement gaps of Kansas at-risk students, the Legislature instead chose to appease the Supreme Court through an increase in funding. The new school finance law – SB 19 – is full of language aimed at improving educational outcomes of … Read More

Again and again, in Kansas public education it’s protecting the institutions first, students second

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Recent actions by a legislative committee and the state’s largest school district are grim reminders of just how much public education in Kansas is all about protecting the institutions that provide the education, not the students. On one hand there’s the state legislature. The House K-12 Education Budget Committee continues to struggle with putting together a “consensus bill” that will … Read More

Giant education establishment relentless in effort to quash tax credit scholarship program

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The Topeka Capital-Journal article “Kansas House bill could narrow private school tax credit program in coming years” provides a lengthy description of the program that was passed in 2014 and where it may be headed as forces within the Legislature fight to limit and ultimately eliminate the fledgling program. The article includes all the hot-button issues that school choice opponents … Read More

New Study Shows At-risk Charter School Students Outperform Those in Exclusive Schools

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There is no shortage of those critical of charter schools, and most of their criticism is baseless. The doubting-Thomases like to claim that charter schools drain money from traditional public schools.  Reviews of charter school funding from coast to coast show otherwise. They claim charter schools do not take special education or other special needs students – also not true. … Read More

When it comes to education spending accountability “the times, they are a-changin”

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The Kansas Legislature appropriates half the entire general fund budget and over $4,000,000,000 total each year to support K-12 education. However, the Legislature doesn’t manage public education. That’s up to the State Board of Education and the Kansas State Department of Education. The 286 Kansas school districts spend their state appropriation (along with another billion and a half local dollars) … Read More