• KS House socks citizens with another tax increase

    KS House socks citizens with another tax increase0

    Last year’s retroactive, record-setting tax increase apparently wasn’t enough for the majority of the Kansas House of Representatives.  Now they’ve voted to allow another $210 million income tax increase over the next two years on top of the $1.2 billion increase they imposed last year.  And that’s a very conservative number; according to Chief Budget

  • Kansas #26 in “Rich States, Poor States”

    Kansas #26 in “Rich States, Poor States”0

    The annual “Rich States Poor States” report published by the American Legislative Exchange Council ranks Kansas #26 in Economic Outlook for 2018, which is unchanged from the previous year.  Among regional states, Missouri (#23), Oklahoma (#16), Colorado (#15) and Arkansas (#22) have higher ranks while Nebraska (#28) and Iowa (#29) are slightly lower.  Missouri, Nebraska and Arkansas

  • 2018 Green Book: Smaller government, more growth

    2018 Green Book: Smaller government, more growth0

    A 2012 Wall Street Journal commentary about our tax and spending research entitled “States that Spend Less, Tax Less…and Grow More” made the case that efficient government is the key to keeping taxes low.  Our 2018 Green Book analysis published last week shows the relationship between less government and stronger economic growth is as strong as