Government’s Entitlement Mentality – Part 2

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Government efforts to justify higher taxes while already spending more than necessary to provide essential services amounts to a direct assault on individuals’ economic freedom, and that’s what the Kansas Association of School Boards did last week.  The first installment of their three-part series attempted to make the case that Kansas’ personal income is growing slower than the national average, … Read More

Government’s entitlement mentality – Part 1

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To get a firm understanding of government’s entitlement mentality, imagine this conversation taking place at your neighbor’s front door. Susie:  “Yes?” Carmine: “Hi, my name is Carmine and I’m with the local school board.  I’m here to collect what you owe.” Susie: “What do you mean?  We paid our taxes.” Carmine: “On your income, sure, but your employer spent more … Read More

Oil, farming suppress sales tax collections

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Shortfalls in state sales tax collections are the single largest factor in missing revenue estimates this year, and new data from the Department of Revenue shows economic challenges in agriculture and the oil & gas industry may be the driving factor.  This KDOR map shows gains in northeast Kansas and the Wichita area but significant declines in many western Kansas … Read More

Once again the Kansas Center for Economic Growth makes another pitch for more taxes and spending on education

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  They’re at it again. The Kansas Center for Economic Growth (KCEG) has made yet another feeble attempt to justify raising taxes and spending more money on public education. This time they try to camouflage it behind this noble, and quite obvious premise: graduating from high school is good for both the individual and the state. In the recently published … Read More

Press Release: New Poll: Taxpayers demand efficiency in schools, oppose new taxes for schools funding

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Wichita – While the Kansas legislature continues to grapple with a response to the on-going school finance litigation, a new survey of 518 registered Kansas voters makes clear that reform and efficiency should be paramount in the minds of legislators. The market research survey was conducted by SurveyUSA on behalf of Kansas Policy Institute; SurveyUSA is a widely regarded polling … Read More

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Latest in “Factbook” series exploring the relationship between the size of government and economic vitality.

Houston, we have a spending problem

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Hyperbole-laden claims from special interests, certain legislators and editorial writers are giving Kansans and the world the impression that revenue shortfalls have led to apocalyptic spending cuts.  That’s not true, of course, but the battle for control of the message is about something much bigger than agency spending levels.  In Chapter 4 (Lessons from Kansas: A Behind the Scenes Look at America’s Most Discussed … Read More

Scare tactics and false choices: just another Tuesday at KCEG

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The Kansas Center for Economic Growth (KCEG) put out a February 16 blog post on state revenue that basically yells ‘fire’ in a crowded theater while obfuscating a clear path to an easy exit.  KCEG Executive Director Annie McKay says General Fund revenue cannot reasonably meet expectations for the remainder of the year, so legislators should reinstate income tax on … Read More

Steve Anderson on Healing the Kansas Budget

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Steve Anderson, budget director for three years under Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, talks about billions of dollars that are collected and spent by the state that don’t show up in the budget citizens see. According to Anderson the budgeting process needs to be more transparent so citizens can see the large sums of money collected from taxpayers that are carried … Read More