• KS House socks citizens with another tax increase

    KS House socks citizens with another tax increase0

    Last year’s retroactive, record-setting tax increase apparently wasn’t enough for the majority of the Kansas House of Representatives.  Now they’ve voted to allow another $210 million income tax increase over the next two years on top of the $1.2 billion increase they imposed last year.  And that’s a very conservative number; according to Chief Budget

  • Kansas legislators might raise taxes again

    Kansas legislators might raise taxes again0

    With just a few days left in the 2018 legislative session, Kansans will be hit with yet another tax increase unless the Legislature takes action to prevent it.  The Department of Revenue says the state will get a $506 million windfall over the next three years as a result of changes in federal tax law. 

  • Online sales tax a ruse to grow government

    Online sales tax a ruse to grow government0

    A controversial online sales tax proposal would increase government revenue and spending by an estimated $93 million annually.  Online purchases from retailers with a physical presence in Kansas (‘nexus’) are already subject to sales tax and brought in over $400 million last year, with about $175 million from individuals and the balance from business purchases. 

  • Kansas #26 in “Rich States, Poor States”

    Kansas #26 in “Rich States, Poor States”0

    The annual “Rich States Poor States” report published by the American Legislative Exchange Council ranks Kansas #26 in Economic Outlook for 2018, which is unchanged from the previous year.  Among regional states, Missouri (#23), Oklahoma (#16), Colorado (#15) and Arkansas (#22) have higher ranks while Nebraska (#28) and Iowa (#29) are slightly lower.  Missouri, Nebraska and Arkansas

  • Taxpayer Choice: Grow Government or Help Kids

    Taxpayer Choice: Grow Government or Help Kids0

    One good piece of news from the 2017 legislative session, amidst much bad news, is that, in the current tax year, individual taxpayers can now participate in the tax credit scholarship program to help low income kids escape some of the worst performing schools in the state. There is a $500,000 annual cap on contributions

  • Kansas Legislature Broke a Lot of Promises

    Kansas Legislature Broke a Lot of Promises0

    Last September I made a very safe prediction for the 2017 session of the Kansas Legislature – “Regardless of who is elected to the 2017 Legislature, January will bring turmoil and major disappointment for many Kansans.”  Like I said, a pretty safe bet…but the rationale ruffled a few feathers.  “Many candidates and special interests say