• Kansas 2019 Private Jobs Grows Slower Than Expected

    Kansas 2019 Private Jobs Grows Slower Than Expected0

    The final 2019 private jobs numbers are in and Kansas has underperformed. Despite assurances that Kansas was in a state of rebuilding, Kansas gained roughly 6,000 private jobs or 0.5% over 2018 levels. This job growth is the 3rd slowest job gain since the beginning of the Brownback Administration. Earlier this month, we reported signs

  • Kansas media spins job growth

    Kansas media spins job growth0

    Kansas is on track to gain fewer than 4,000 private sector jobs this year. For context, that is the 2nd slowest yearly growth since The Great Recession ended in 2009. What’s worse, is that most Kansans media outlets willfully ignore this fact.  Instead, since Governor Kelly has been in office, the media reports rosy and

  • STAR Bonds taint Kansas’s role as a referee

    STAR Bonds taint Kansas’s role as a referee0

    When it comes to economic development, the government should act as a referee; leveling the playing field. However in reality, instead of businesses focusing on scoring points, they devote increasingly more energy asking the referee to give them a boost. If this happened in the Superbowl it would make the game near-unwatchable. Yet, it’s happening