Good News in Kansas City Star

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Yes, you read that headline correctly.  The Kansas City Star published an editorial last week calling for the ‘pause’ button to be pressed on the battle over school funding.  They said, “…it may be time for the state and the judges to pause for a year or two to see if the $488 million infusion, coupled with a new formula … Read More

Local Government to Kansans – Suck it up and Pay up

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A new bill introduced to the House Taxation Committee proposed to further weaken citizens’ right to vote on property tax increases.  HB 2424 would add yet another exemption for “increases in employer contributions for social security, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, health-care costs, employee benefit plans and employee retirement and pension programs.” The theory might be that local government can’t help … Read More

City Property Tax Hikes

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Property tax history for twelve more cities added to underscores why so many citizens are upset with property tax hikes.  On average, those dozen cites increased property tax 2.6 times faster than the combined rates of inflation and population between 1997 and 2016. The City of Andover had the highest tax increase at 510 percent but the City of … Read More

Local Gov’t. Threatens Citizens over Property Tax Lid

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A property tax lid passed last year will allow Kansans to begin voting later this year on whether, with many exceptions, city and county property taxes should increase by more than the rate of inflation.  Citizens overwhelming support the right to vote but local government doesn’t want citizens meddling in their business.  Cities and counties are asking legislators to strip … Read More

City and County Payroll Provides Property Tax Insight

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Newly published city and county payroll listings help explain why property taxes doubled, tripled or even quadrupled over the last nineteen years.  Total pay for the nine counties and ten cities published on exceeds $1 billion, with 756 employees collecting more than $100,000 last year. City and county payroll excludes benefits but does count bonuses and other forms of pay, … Read More

Property Tax Hikes Continue

Dave TrabertTax & Spending

Double-digit 2016 property tax hikes were not uncommon in Kansas.  Department of Revenue data shows 23 counties and 4 of the twenty-five largest cities increased their property tax by 10 percent or more last year.  Another 30 counties and 8 large cities increased their property tax between 5 percent and 10 percent.  Inflation meanwhile was less than 1 percent for … Read More

2017 Greenbook

James FrankoResearch

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis saw states as “laboratories of democracy” conducting “experiments” in public policy. Today, more than eight decades after Brandeis coined the phrase, state experimentation with tax policy makes it abundantly clear that tax policy has a direct impact on economic growth. As shown on page 27 for the 2017 Greenbook, each of the eleven states … Read More

Most Kansas legislators won’t declare their principles

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Lots of declarations are made on the campaign trail and town hall meetings, but when asked to declare their principles on key state budget and education issues, most Kansas legislators wouldn’t respond. Kansas Policy Institute asked all 165 Kansas legislators to respond to a 6-question multiple choice online survey between January 13 and January 30 but only 34 responded; some … Read More

Media’s hypocritical tizzy over fake news

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Fake news stories on the presidential election outperformed real news on Facebook according to a story recently published by online news site BuzzFeed and mainstream media, including CBS News, jumped all over it.  Even President Obama chimed in, saying that fake news “threatens democracy;” apparently saying “you can keep your doctor if you want” doesn’t count as ‘fake news.’  The Washington … Read More

KC Biz Journal misleads on Johnson County property tax

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We routinely see media sharing false information and if it appears to be an innocent mistake, we first give them an opportunity to correct their own mistake.  Last month, the Kansas City Business Journal inaccurately stated that Johnson County accounted for 34 percent of the property tax paid in Kansas, with Sedgwick County in second place and paying 17 percent … Read More