2015 Property Tax Allocation: 99% Local

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Our recent article about large property tax increases prompted questions about the distribution among various taxing jurisdictions, so we obtained more data from the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR). School districts consume the biggest slice at 45 percent, followed by counties (29 percent) and cities (16 percent). The adjacent table shows the dollar allocations in millions. Take a deeper look … Read More

2015 Property Taxes – The Beat Goes On

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Sonny and Cher’s The Beat Goes On is the perfect background music for a story about Kansas property taxes, so hit your mental Play button and let’s get started. Data provided by the Property Valuation Division of the Kansas Department of Revenue shows some shocking property tax increases in 2015 were levied by cities and counties.  The average across all … Read More

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Latest in “Factbook” series exploring the relationship between the size of government and economic vitality.

Johnson County pushes false choices to justify another property tax increase

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(Note: the original version of this blog post noted a large difference between the number of employees budgeted and actual people employed.  We have since learned that the difference is attributable to Johnson County Parks and Recreation (JCPR), which is included in the Johnson County budget but not in the employee count in the Johnson County Comprehensive Annual Financial Statement … Read More

2015 Legislative Wrap-up

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Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert summarizes the major accomplishments of the 2015 Kansas Legislature including changes to: K-12 school funding, renewable energy mandates, tax credit scholarships, property tax reform and avoidance of Medicaid expansion.

Property tax abuse continues in Kansas counties

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The beat goes on, The beat goes on Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain La de da de de, la de da de da I’m reminded of this chorus from a Sonny and Cher song every year when new property tax data is released, with a slight variation.  Taxes keep pounding people to the ground.  La de da de de, la … Read More

$1.5 billion property tax savings might be headed your way

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Imagine how your property tax bill would look if cities and counties were only permitted to increases taxes by inflation unless voters said taxes could go higher.  It’s not a fantasy; legislation pending in Topeka could make that happen shortly. Had such a law been in place since 1998, property taxes levied by the 25 largest cities would have been … Read More