Kansas Private Sector Jobs Grew in 2016

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New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show 9,100 private sector jobs were added in Kansas last year.[i]  Preliminary reports showed Kansas with small job losses last year but BLS updates prior years’ data each March, and now shows Kansas with a small gain. While growth was positive, the annual growth rate of 0.8% was suppressed by ongoing economic … Read More

2017 Greenbook

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis saw states as “laboratories of democracy” conducting “experiments” in public policy. Today, more than eight decades after Brandeis coined the phrase, state experimentation with tax policy makes it abundantly clear that tax policy has a direct impact on economic growth. As shown on page 27 for the 2017 Greenbook, each of the eleven states … Read More

Kansas tax proposal endorses government favoritism

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The Kansas tax proposal in House Bill 2023 would significantly raise taxes on many Kansas small businesses and would be retroactive to the beginning of this year.   Legislators and others who support House Bill 2023 say the 2012 tax cut for partnerships, proprietorships, Sub-S corps, and LLC is a fairness issue and everyone should pay income tax.  But while the … Read More

Pass-through entities drive job growth in Kansas

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Without any data to back their claims, opponents of Kansas’ tax reform maintain that owners of so-called pass-through entities (businesses not organized as regular C-Corporations) haven’t created jobs since their pass-through income was exempt from state income tax beginning in 2013.  But U.S. Census data not only shows they created jobs, pass-through entities actually created most of the job gains … Read More

Media Ignores Some Good News in August Jobs Numbers

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Bleak media reports highlighting a nonfarm jobs decline of 8,700 in Kansas since last August neglected to mention some good news. The Wichita metro area and the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro area[1] each added jobs over the period. The table below also shows a potential silver lining to be had depending on one’s perspective. Non-farm jobs totals … Read More

Former Kansas governors’ definition of ‘fiscal health’ favors government over taxpayers

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With generous in-kind campaign contributions from media, four former Kansas governors announced the formation of their political organization, intended to “restore Kansas back to fiscal health” by getting candidates elected who ostensibly share their viewpoint.  It’s all too common for politicians of both parties to stretch the truth (to put it kindly) but the sanctimonious hypocrisy in wanting to go … Read More

April 2016 Private Sector Jobs Update: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

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Opponents of tax reform in Kansas are quick to use simplistic monthly averages of newly-released Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs numbers to argue that tax reform hasn’t worked for the Sunflower State. This approach is fundamentally flawed because it fails to account for one elementary but all-important fact: links between jobs changes and tax policy should obviously factor out … Read More

December Jobs Update

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Media narratives on Kansas’ economy continue to ignore the state’s positive job growth trend in the three years post-tax reform, from December 2012 to December 2015. Recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases show that the Sunflower State’s 4.6% growth rate ranks second behind only Colorado (9.2%) in the region over the period. Longer-term job growth trends like the one … Read More