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  • Income inequality is about choice not “fairness”

    Income inequality is about choice not “fairness”0

    Everyone from democratic presidential candidates to President Trump has some opinion on the concept of income inequality. In Kansas, Governor Kelly even commissioned a tax policy group with the stated intentions to combat inequality by distributing income in ways perceived more “fair”.  However, data from the U.S. Census Bureau strongly suggests differences in lifestyle choices

  • Kansas deficit-spends into a billion dollar hole

    Kansas deficit-spends into a billion dollar hole0

    The first Kansas legislative session has passed. To finance a record-setting budget, Governor Kelly has consented to both an income tax and sales tax increase. However, the latest information from the Kansas Division of the Budget says it’s not enough. The government is in a hole; for every dollar Kansas deficit spends, another dollar families

  • Kansas out-migration creates U-Haul shortages

    Kansas out-migration creates U-Haul shortages0

    There’s been no shortage of reports about Kansas losing people and businesses to other states. Since 2000, the state of Kansas has lost 6%, via domestic migration, of its population to the rest of the country, primarily to states with lower tax burdens. A new analysis shows that enough people are leaving Kansas that the

  • Gov. Kelly’s tax council on track to income redistribution

    Gov. Kelly’s tax council on track to income redistribution0

    Governor Laura Kelly’s newly minted tax council laid out a roadmap to a new fiscal relationship between state government and Kansans. Unfortunately, the roadmap had little to do with lowering taxes as a means of economic growth. Instead, it hinted more at taking the hard-earned resources from working Kansans to promote “fairness.” Governor Kelly’s tax