• A-F Grading Comes to Kansas

    A-F Grading Comes to Kansas0

    It’s been too hard, for too long for parents to understand exactly how their child’s school is performing. Every state has a “Report Card” system that provides information on student performance, demographics, attendance rates and other related data regarding public schools. Most state systems, including Kansas, use ‘fuzzy’ labels like ‘approaching standard’ or ‘Level 1’

  • Disconnected players lead to education funding mess

    Disconnected players lead to education funding mess0

    Why is the system of funding Kansas public schools such a mess? Whose fault is it? Is it the Legislature’s? The Supreme Court’s? Could it be the State Board of Education (SBOE) and the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE)? Maybe the feds? How about the schools themselves, do they play a role? Or is

  • Student-focused Florida trounces $-focused Kansas

    Student-focused Florida trounces $-focused Kansas0

    Facts keep getting in the way of the education lobby’s contention that money drives academic achievement, and the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the latest instance. Despite spending $1,159 per-pupil less than money-focused Kansas, student-focused Florida has significantly better results.  Of the eight proficiency measurements covering two subjects and two grade levels

  • 2017 NAEP – small gain but long way to go

    2017 NAEP – small gain but long way to go0

    The 2017 NAEP results (National Assessment of Educational Progress) released last week show a few small gains for Kansas students but proficiency levels remain stubbornly low, especially for low income students.  Low income students, who are identified by Kansas education officials as being eligible for free or reduced lunch, gained considerable ground in 4th Grade

  • Kansas school funding study cuts rural schools

    Kansas school funding study cuts rural schools0

    Implementing the recommendation of the WestEd Kansas school funding study to reach a 95 percent graduation rate would result in funding cuts for 53 counties even though total funding would jump by more than $400 million.  Even a $2 billion increase would cut school funding in 11 counties – Clay, Coffey, Ellis, Jackson, Kiowa, Logan,

  • State’s charter school law once again earns an “F”

    State’s charter school law once again earns an “F”0

    Amidst all the turmoil and tumult that defines the state of education finance in Kansas, at least one education issue is a steady-as-she-goes: Kansas gets an “F” in its charter school law. The just-released 2018 National Charter School Law Rankings and Scorecard 2018 once again gives the Sunflower State a failing grade when it comes