• 2018 State of the State Fails Students

    2018 State of the State Fails Students0

    In his 2018 State of the State address, Governor Brownback said Kansas cannot go down “…the primrose path of thinking that educational results can be forced by massive infusions of taxpayer money alone.”  And then he proposed doing exactly what he correctly said won’t work – giving local school boards $600 million more over five

  • Will $17K Per-Pupil Make Achievement Acceptable?

    Will $17K Per-Pupil Make Achievement Acceptable?0

    “How much” may be the number one question bandied about as the 2018 legislative session gets underway – as in, how much money will it take to satisfy the Supreme Court on school funding – but that’s not the most important question.  Regardless of whether legislators choose to add a single dollar to the record

  • Student Achievement Key to Future of Kansas, Not Money

    Student Achievement Key to Future of Kansas, Not Money0

    Dramatically better student achievement is key to the future of Kansas, but sadly, the education lobby and their taxpayer-funded lawyers believe money is what matters.  They want parents to believe that simply meeting their financial demands with huge tax increases will magically improve outcomes and they don’t let facts get in their way. A recent