• Student achievement crisis continues

    Student achievement crisis continues0

    There is an achievement crisis in the Kansas education system that must be reversed if our students are to be prepared for the demands of the dynamic work environments the future promises. The Kansas State Department of Education tells us that in three short years, 71% of jobs in Kansas will require postsecondary education or

  • School funding formula must start from scratch

    School funding formula must start from scratch0

    Some school officials and legislators may be planning to modify the old school funding formula rather than write a brand new formula in 2017. But if they do, it likely would be found unconstitutional. The Kansas Supreme Court says adequacy of funding “is met when the public education financing system provided by the Legislature for

  • KC Star scores media bias trifecta

    KC Star scores media bias trifecta0

    The Kansas City Star rang in the New Year with a media bias trifecta in their relentless push for higher taxes and more government spending.  They withheld information that contradicts claims made in the story, chose not to interview anyone who doesn’t believe school funding should increase and they threw in a false claim for