Property Tax Hikes Continue

Dave TrabertTax & Spending

Double-digit 2016 property tax hikes were not uncommon in Kansas.  Department of Revenue data shows 23 counties and 4 of the twenty-five largest cities increased their property tax by 10 percent or more last year.  Another 30 counties and 8 large cities increased their property tax between 5 percent and 10 percent.  Inflation meanwhile was less than 1 percent for … Read More

Kansas Private Sector Jobs Grew in 2016

Dave TrabertTax & Spending

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show 9,100 private sector jobs were added in Kansas last year.[i]  Preliminary reports showed Kansas with small job losses last year but BLS updates prior years’ data each March, and now shows Kansas with a small gain. While growth was positive, the annual growth rate of 0.8% was suppressed by ongoing economic … Read More

Better Together PSA

James FrankoTax & Spending

Listen below to the Better Together PSA by clicking below. IMAGINE THE GREAT STATE OF KANSAS AS A LEADER IN JOB GROWTH, EDUCATION, AND FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. We believe this dream can become reality. And the first step is Kansans such as yourselves reaching out to friends and family about what we need from our elected leaders.   Click here to … Read More

Kansas budget can be balanced without tax hikes

Dave TrabertTax & Spending

Yes, that’s right, the Kansas budget can be balanced without a tax increase.  But first, here’s some background to put the situation in perspective. When the Legislature raised the sales tax rate in 2015 as part of the largest tax hike in Kansas history, many legislators, special interests and media expressed outrage at the impact on the poor and the … Read More

Efficient, Effective Spending Keeps Taxes Low

Dave TrabertTax & Spending

It’s not access to oil or tourism that allows some states to do without an income tax; it’s efficient, effective spending.  Texas could have all the oil in the nation and still have a high tax burden if it spent a lot more. Data from the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) shows that in 2015, the states that … Read More

Gov. Brownback Promises Veto of $2.4 Billion Income Tax Increase

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Governor Sam Brownback announced this evening that he will veto legislation that would have imposed a $2.4 billion income tax increase on Kansans over a five-year period.  The Governor’s announcement was made at the Kansas Chamber of Commerce annual dinner, prompting a standing ovation and thunderous applause. Substitute for House Bill 2178, passed by the House and Senate last week, … Read More

Kansas House passes $2.4 billion income tax increase

Dave TrabertTax & Spending

After the November election, we said the 2017 Legislature would be defined by broken promises – either not being willing to pass the enormous tax increases to fund the vote-for-me promises or the implied promise to just raising taxes on small businesses.  Now we know that the majority of the Kansas House of Representatives intends to slap citizens with a … Read More

New business filings sets another record in Kansas

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach reports new business filings set another record in 2016.  There were 18,147 new domestic business filings last year and the total number of entities in existence also set another record at 187,305.  The number of entities in existence does not include proprietorships. It’s noteworthy that both the number of new filings and total entities … Read More

Kansas income tax hike rejected by citizens

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Listening to a lot of legislators, one might think their constituents are demanding that their income taxes be increased but a new market research study shows a major disconnect between Topeka and the rest of the state.   SurveyUSA conducted the study on behalf of Kansas Policy Institute between February 3 and February 8; with participation of 501 registered voters, the … Read More